5 Best Breakup Retreats in the World to Heal & Overcome (in 2024)

5 Best Breakup Retreats in the World

Breakups can be emotionally devastating and can leave a lasting impact on our mental and physical health. As much as it is important to give yourself time to grieve and heal, sometimes you need a break from your daily routine and surroundings.

That’s where breakup retreats come in!

These retreats offer a supportive environment where you can process your emotions, find closure, and move on from your past relationship.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best break retreats in the world, with Samma Karuna leading the list as one of the most unique and transformative retreat centers.

Top 5 Breakup Retreats in the World

Before diving into the list of the top five break-up retreats, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone processes the grief of a breakup differently.

Some may need time to be alone, while others may benefit from a communal and supportive environment.

What all these retreats have in common is that they provide a safe and peaceful space for reflection and healing.

Now, let’s explore the five best break-up retreats in the world!

1. Samma Karuna, Thailand

Yoga with a beach view

Samma Karuna is a tantra yoga and awakening school located on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan in Thailand.

It is a perfect retreat for those going through a breakup, as it offers a variety of healing and heart-opening workshops, tantra yoga classes, and meditation sessions.

Their Awakening program is specifically designed to help individuals get through relationship breakups, by guiding them to a deeper understanding of their emotions and giving them the tools to move forward with a newfound sense of emotional strength and self-love.

We also recommend their Tantra Teacher Training in Thailand or Greece as an amazing choice to overcome a breakup.

2. Omega Institute, New York

best breakup retreats in the world 2 place

Located in the Hudson Valley, Omega Institute offers a variety of retreat experiences to support individuals through challenging times, including relationship breakups.

From mindfulness meditation and yoga to creative expression and journaling workshops, Omega’s programs are designed to help individuals access their inner wisdom, heal from the past, and create positive futures.

3. Rishikesh, Silence Retreats, India

If you’re looking for a more introspective approach to healing after a breakup, Silence Retreats in India may be the perfect solution for you.

As the name suggests, these retreats advocate for the power of silence and meditation to heal emotional wounds.

You will be expected to maintain complete silence for the duration of the retreat while practicing yoga, meditation, and other self-exploratory activities that help you understand the root of your sorrows and emerge with a deeper understanding of yourself.

4. Kripalu, Massachusetts

kripalu break up retreat

Kripalu is another retreat center that’s great for healing after a breakup.

Its program, Healing the Heart, is a five-day retreat that combines yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices to help you release anxiety and reconnect with yourself.

The program is led by expert instructors who have deep experience in emotional healing, and you will also be provided with time to rest, reflect, and journal your thoughts.

5. The Chopra Center, California

chopra center

The Chopra Center offers couples therapy programs that are particularly effective at helping people move beyond the hurt and pain of a heartbreak.

At the center, you’ll experience a balanced approach to achieving relationship harmony, combining the latest in neuroscience and Ayurvedic practices with meditation and emotional healing techniques.


Going through a breakup can be tough. Taking a break from our daily routine and surroundings to go to a specially-designed retreat can be a powerful way to help you process your emotions, find closure, and begin to move forward.

Healing retreats like Samma Karuna in Thailand or Kripalu in Massachusetts can offer truly life-changing experiences, transforming the way you approach yourself and your relationships.

So what are you waiting for?

Take some time for yourself, and check out the best breakup retreats in the world.


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