Top 12 Neo and Classical Tantra Schools and Retreats in the World 2024

Top 12 Neo and Classical Tantra Schools and Retreats in the World

Are you ready to awaken your senses to a higher level of consciousness and attain cosmic enlightenment? Would you like to get rid of all your limiting beliefs, brush off the old conditioning and explore the sensuality within? If it’s a YES, then these top 12 Tantra Retreats will offer everything that you have been looking for!

Get introduced to the profound experience of authentic tantric practice, awaken the divine power within you and experience the transformation.

All of these mystical Tantra Retreats are organized t some of the most beautiful retreat centres around the world. Learn and experience together with expert Tantra Teachers and begin your holistic selfdevelopment.
These Tantra Retreats consist of a diverse range of healing arts, Tantric practices, guided meditations, mystical dance, and a lot more that will make you feel deeply connected within and balanced.

1) Samma Karuna Tantra for Awakening & Healing (Neo-Tantra with aspects of Trika Tantra)

Koh Phangan, Thailand | Prices from: USD 396.00

Available all year round

Highlight: The largest and most comprehensive yet very approachable Tantra programs that encourage simplicity, kindness, compassion and acceptance.

Samma Karuna Tantra is first on our list because the techniques that are taught here are a balance between what we consider an authentic Tantra by an established school as well as they are very approachable and easily understood by the people. This school offers an all-year around program of Tantrasas well as Tantra Teacher Practitioner courses and Tantra Teacher Training Courses.

It is a Tantra school in Thailand, Koh Phangan. It offers one of the largest and most comprehensive nondogmatic Tantra Programs in the world. Their methodology encourages kindness, simplicity, compassion and acceptance.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Tantra retreat for Awakening & Healing (for singles and couples)
  • 2 Weeks Tantra practitioner retreat
  • 4 Weeks Tantra Teacher Training retreat
  • Drop-in classes are available for some activities.

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2) Tantra with Astiko (Neo Tantra with Direct Transmission from OSHO)

Neo and Classical Tantra Schools and Retreats

Barcelona, Spain | | Prices from USD 21.32 (Online Classes)

Highlight: Astiko – Probably one of the most authentic, loving and experienced masters of Neo OSHO Tantra in the world.

What to expect from this Tantra Retreat? During the session, the guide helps you create awareness about the flow of vital energy through your body. You are encouraged to inhabit the emotional and physical body to release the tensions and emotions stored from the past and restore the self-love you need before sharing it with others.

During this retreat, you will be guided by Astiko to recognise your masculine and feminine elements, embrace your humanity and surrender to life as your own lover and unlock your divine self.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Tantra for all
  • Tantra for couples
  • Tantra for women
  • Training for couples
  • Tantric Journey

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3) Ma Ananda Sarita & Her Kaula Team – Tantra Essence

Neo and Classical Tantra Schools and Retreats Ma Ananda Sarita

Bali, Indonesia | Prices from USD 832.45

Highlight: Neo-Tantra with direct transmission from OSHO Courses, Tantra Retreats and training crafted by one of the highly renowned Tantra masters and mystics in the world – Ma Ananda Sarita.

With the true spiritual essence of Tantra, she guides her students on the path of self-realization. Alongside, she helps people cope with psychological issues which are the outcomes of cultural conditioning and past experiences.

A caring and sensitive environment is created for discovering, healing, understanding and celebrating one’s entire being in all its aspects. During this Tantra Retreat, we provide Tantric practices and group/partner/individual exercises which may include massage, dance, emotional work, guided journeys, meditation and sacred rituals. This helps foster a substantial transformation to sensual expression and the way we relate to ourselves and others.

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4) Tantra Illuminated With Christopher Hareesh Wallis (Classical Hindu Tantra)

Neo and Classical Tantra Schools and Retreats Tantra Illuminated

Portugal | Prices from USD 1,130.00

Highlight: Rich spectrum of traditional tantric teaching

At Tantra Illuminated, learn from scholar-practitioner Christopher Wallis. He has thirty years of experience and started practising yogic meditation at sixteen. During this Tantra Retreat program, a variety of resources are offered to help you with your spiritual journey, increase your awareness and deepen your practice through a rich spectrum of traditional Tantric teachings. In our classes, you will come across new-to-you techniques. The top highlight of our learning portal is our core curriculum which consists of 7 facets to assist you in your studies of this deep spiritual tradition – The View, Awareness Cultivation, Energy Body, Mantra Science, Deity Yoga and Puja, Yogic Lifestyle, and Living in the World.

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5) Blue Throat Yoga de Paul Müller-Ortega (Classical Hindu Tantra)

Blue Throat Yoga

US & All across the globe (Online sessions) | Prices from USD 450

Highlight: The Three Pillars of Blue Throat Yoga: Neelakantha Meditation, Tantra Retreats and Study that helps establish a strong foundation for people who are looking for depth and profound growth in life An internationally recognized meditation teacher and one of the highly respected academic scholars in the field of Indian Religion and Hindu Tantra – Paul Muller – Ortega invites you to return home- to your own heart, touching deep inside to access the inner peace, natural bliss and beauty of life itself.

The founder of Blue Throat Yoga – Paul Muller-Ortega is devoted to teaching students how they could reach their true selves and offers deep knowledge to unfold the untold possibility inside them.

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6) Tantrika School by Anita Devi (Neo Tantra)

Tantrika School

Spain and Thailand
All Year Round – Online & Offline Classes

Highlight: Learn the process of self-love, healing and female empowerment from Anita Devi

You can start the journey of self-revolution through online courses, training, coaching or Tantra Retreats. Your tantra facilitator and social educator – Anita Devi has been facilitating Tantra for women and couples from all across the world for 12 years. She is a specialist in the process of self-love, healing and empowerment through Tantra and Cyclic Wisdom.

Would you like to connect to your Feminine Nature, open your heart and feel full of life? Do you want to feel relaxed and open to pleasure and at the same time creative and powerful? Then Join this TANTRIKA SCHOOL to tame the love, freedom, and power of your human nature.

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7) Variety of Retreats from Dr. Nyida Chenagtsang (Buddhist Tantra)

Variety of Retreats from Dr. Nyida Chenagtsang

Online Courses | Prices from USD 690.00

Highlight: Training in Tibetan Medicine &Yuthok Nyingthig with Dr. Nida

Dr. Nida Chenagtsag is the founder, director and inspiration behind an international network of organizations dedicated to promoting the preservation and practice of Sowa Rigpa and its spiritual counterpart, the Yuthok Nyingthig.

Sowa Rigpa: The Foundations (Part 1, 2 and 3) – The course offers professional certificate training in Sowa Rigpa, the Tibetan “science of healing” as well as workshops designed for the general public.

Yuthok’s Heart Teachings: The courseoffers a unique opportunity to receive a complete overview of this one of a kind lineage, with in-depth teachings, transmissions, and direct step-by-step guidance throughm practices taught, by lineage-holder Dr. Nida Chenagtsang.

Free & Beautiful Mind: It is a 7 Days Meditative Immersion where there will be a guided conversation
with Dr. Nida

Self Healing with Elements: It is an introductory course to Tibetan Medicine which is a part of the Sorig Basic programme/curriculum Sleeping & Dream Yoga: Tibetan Medicine & the Study of Dreams, as it stands today, comes from an ancient lineage of knowledge passed down continuously and directly from Master to Disciple.

Finding the Inner Great Bliss: It consists of 3 days of teaching by Dr. Nida Chenagtsang and a live session
with Yogini Donla Tsering in the English language.

Get more information about this Tantra Program here:

8) Tantra and Yoga Retreat in Andalusia, Spain by Into Flow (Teachers – Judith &

Tantra and Yoga Retreat in Andalusia

El Burgo, Spain |Prices from USD 1,070

Highlight: This Tantra Retreat takes place in an ecological retreat space that even has its own natural
swimming pool!

Are you bored of sitting at home? Great! Because we are visiting Spain for an entire week to surround ourselves with nature and celebrate life like never before.

This retreat program is conducted in a beautiful natural place surrounded by forest, mountains, and ponds with its own natural swimming pool that creates a perfect space to form deeper connections with oneself as well as others.

During this retreat, the trainees will attend tantric workshops to form connections as a group and explore new tantric approaches while swimming, hiking, reading, relaxing and so on.

Furthermore, Tantra is also about celebrating life, so everyone will also get the opportunity to celebrate and reconnect by eating tasty food, dancing, indulging in conversations and sharing stories amidst the spectacular nature of Andalusia.

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9) Tantra Intensive to Discover Your Spontaneity in Belgium by “Path of Tantra” (Teacher – Laura Carrotti)

Tantra Intensive to Discover Your Spontaneity in Belgium by “Path of Tantra”

Boda, Belgium |Prices from USD 740

Highlight: This Tantra Intensive consists of magical lessons by Laura who merges traditional Yoga and Tantra with breathwork, psycho-spiritual inquiry, and dynamic meditation to create an experience of presence and embodiment.

Had a hectic year full of challenges and unexpected turns? Then you definitely deserve this Tantra Retreat in the scenic retreat centre of Belgium. This tantra retreat involves loving and caring for oneself through tantric meditation and tantric ceremony. It’s about embarking on a spiritual journey.

This Intensive consists of magical lessons that will help you get in touch with your soul and develop a greater understanding of your core taking you on the path of self-acceptance, self-care, pleasure, respect, forgiveness, self-compassion, empowerment, and self-esteem.

So, get ready for an experience like never before, with your trainer – Laura, who will help you explore the relationship with your bodies, your sexuality, with your inner feminine and masculine alongside your overall health and happiness.

Need more information about this Tantra Retreat in Belgium?

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10) Tantric Massage Intensive in Thailand by Open to Bliss (Teacher – Satyama Ratna Lasby)

Tantric Massage Intensive in Thailand by Open to Bliss

Koh Phangan Sub-district, Thailand |Prices from USD 747

Highlight: Learn how to use energy for your benefit, physically, sexually, communally and for the betterment of the world.

Simply imagine the number of changes your life can undergo when you have the power to use energy for your advantage – physically, sexually, communally and for the betterment of the world, you live.

This Tantra Retreat takes the selfless and generous values integrated into a successful community. You will be placed in a community for 7 days to understand what happens when you give in to the process of self-growth. Learn the meditation techniques that will help you create a better life than you could ever imagine. You are sure to leave the retreat as a happier, more open person.

Interested to learn more about this Tantra Retreat in Thailand?

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11) Tantra: Stimulate Your Body & Free Your Spirit at Harmony Healing Resort! Philippines

Tantra: Stimulate Your Body & Free Your Spirit at Harmony Healing Resort! Philippines

El Nido, Philippines | Prices from USD 249
Available all year round

Highlight: Establish a better connection with yourself and your bodies, learn to give and receive fully and get to discover some of the most powerful and easiest pathways to pleasure – breathing, movement, stillness, and meditation.

Want to have a better understanding of yourself? Are you ready to take your relationship with your partner to the next level? Would you like to enjoy greater sexual intimacy with your partner?

If yes, then be a part of a connective tantra workshop where you will learn to form a deeper connection with yourself. Learn to feel every sensation in every inch of your body and activate your sacred sexuality with your partner. You will be taught and guided by a highly experienced tantra teacher.

If you have been feeling low, shy or stuck and want to break free from any blocks that have been coming in your way of feeling happy or blissful, then this retreat is for you. We welcome you to take a deeper dive into your body, awaken your senses, increase your awareness and live each and every moment to the fullest.

Explore more about this Tantra Retreat in the Philippines, here:

12) Tantra for Couples by Vedanta Spiritual & Holistic Retreat

Tantra for Couples by Vedanta Spiritual & Holistic Retreat

California Hot Springs, United States | Prices from USD 5,100

Highlight: Learn an ancient and interesting practice that will keep on evolving and awaken your consciousness. By integrating these practices into your daily life, you will be able to build trust, a revived relationship with truth, playfulness and ever-growing and deepening love.

During this tantric retreat, you will discover that beyond the state of sacred sexuality, there is a deep place of love that is so amazing and rare, a treasure box that can be unlocked by very few. It is a mystery that your soul has been waiting to solve through lifetimes.

Learn to form a connection between your sexual energy and spirituality. Understand and practice conscious communication, explore ways to create a loving, safe and fun-filled life with your partner.

So, are you ready to rise in love and create a blissful, divine relationship, holistically disappear into oneness and build a magical and beautiful life together?

Join this retreat to integrate body, mind, heart and spirit in a nurturing relationship with your partner that vastly exceeds your imagination.

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