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Five elements review

Overall Score 4.1

Nature, outdoor sports and spirituality are the keywords of Five Elements, a yoga school offering active retreats in Croatia. The name refers to the ancient philosophy according to which everything in nature, including humans, is made of five elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit.

kayak is one of the activities

Marin and Natali propose a combination of yoga, meditation and sports to connect with such elements. You will learn about the Five Movements technique while discovering the beauties of the Istrian peninsula and challenging yourself with outdoor sports.

Courses & Classes


Five Elements offers two 7-day summer retreats (no drop-in classes). Both are based in Rovinj but while one focuses on the local town and its surroundings, the other spans across the whole Istrian peninsula.

Bike and yoga

Both offer a Hatha yoga class in the morning and five different adventure tours (bike, hike, SUP, windsurf, kayak) in the afternoon. The Rovinj retreat also includes lunch in the guesthouse and guided meditations.

Five Elements relaxation

All classes integrate the concept of the Five elements with specific movements or mind-focusing techniques.



The Istrian peninsula is also known as the Croatian Tuscany. It boasts clear waters, ancient villages and delicious typical food. Marin, who is also an adventure guide, will guide you to discover the best spots off the beaten path.

Views from the retreat

The bike trail along the old railway will bring you through vineyards and medieval towns unveiling great sights of the Motovun valley. With the kayaks, you can explore some desert islands in the Rovinj archipelago.

Rovinj archipelago

If you missed the colosseum, in Pula you can see the famous Roman Arena.

Food & Accommodation


A yummy vegetarian home-made breakfast is served daily at the school, while lunch is included only for the Rovinj retreat.

Rovinj retreat

Dinner is not included but Istria offers one of the best cuisines, merging the Italian traditions with the Balkan specialities; restaurants are not expensive.

Five Elements guesthouse

The guesthouse is located in Rovinj not far from the old town centre and the beach. It might be not the most luxurious resort in Croatia but the Elements-themed rooms (shared or private) are cosy and have everything you need. An apartment with a private kitchen is also available, perfect for families.



  • Common or private kitchen
  • Dining area
  • Garden area
  • Barbeque
  • Terrace
  • Sports equipment
  • Yoga shala
  • Free bicycle
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi

Teacher Training Courses


If the Five Elements philosophy captured your interest, you might decide to go for a 2-week Teacher Training. During this course, you will learn the Five Movements technique to stretch your body in five minutes, attend lectures to understand your founding elements and connect with them when you are in nature.

Spiritual activities

After the training, you will be able to facilitate this technique and integrate the teachings of the Five Elements in other spiritual activities you already teach, such as a Yoga class or a Meditation session.

Value For Money


The price of both retreats is quite fair, as it covers a wide set of spiritual and adventure activities, including excursions and outdoor sports. Accommodation is included, however not all meals are provided, which might add up to the final cost of your retreat.

Atmosphere at five elements

Some optional activities are extra, such as the visit to the farm and the massage sessions. The guesthouse is not fancy but offers a cosy atmosphere and the themed rooms add an engaging touch. Natali and Marin will do their best to make guests feel comfortable.

Our Opinion


Five Elements is great if you are looking for an active retreat with a focus on sport, nature and tourism. You don’t have to be an athlete to join the activities, however, a decent physical shape is recommended. More space could be given to the content of the TTC offer, a bit slim at the moment.

Croatia teacher training

Variety is a highlight of this program, which features a balanced combination between the spiritual world and the active holiday style. Even if you arrive alone, soon enough you will feel part of the group and the cheerful energy of this school.

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