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Om shanti yoga school in spain

Overall Score 4.6

If you’re looking for a full-hearted Yoga retreat in Spain, Om Shanti is probably your best bet. A renovated farmhouse immersed in the woodland of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is the perfect place to retreat, regenerate and unleash your potential.

outdoor yoga in summer

Davide and his team will guide you through daily meditations, yoga sessions and workshops in a slow-paced practice suitable for all levels.

Community life is the main highlight of this Yoga centre which also offers a volunteering option. Let’s have a look at the offer of this Yoga school.

Courses & Classes


Om Shanti offers very high-quality Yoga training with experienced and dedicated teachers. The school does not offer drop-in classes but rather short- and long-term all-inclusive Yoga holidays and retreats.

Courses and classes om shanti

A typical retreat includes a morning Hatha Yoga class with Pranayama practice, free time to explore the surroundings and relax, an afternoon workshop, ending the day with a silent evening meditation.

different workshops are available

The afternoon activities can vary depending on the availability. They may include lectures, guided meditations, Reiki, healthy nutrition and massage classes, dance therapy, Qi Gong and much more.



Located in a mountain range north of Barcelona, the Biosphere Reserve of Montseny has been listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The 27 hectares of woodland, streams and valleys offer many hiking options for nature lovers.

Om shanti location

Some excursions might be included in your package, make sure you check the different options available.

cycling in the UNESCO reserve

The farmhouse is immersed in the greenery, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. This pristine location favours peace and relaxation, so much needed to reconnect to ourselves.

Food & Accommodation


Om Shanti offers all-inclusive treatment during Yoga retreats. Three vegetarian meals are served every day, with particular attention to a healthy and balanced diet.

Om shanti food

The 11th-century Masia (farmhouse) has been fully renovated following sustainable criteria. Several outbuildings surround the main residence, forming an ample property. Different rooms can host up to 20 people, ranging from shared dorms to spacious private rooms.

Yoga relaxation

In summer, a glamping option is available in comfortable gazebo-tents with beds, electricity and fan.



  • Dining area
  • Fireplace
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Picnic area
  • Terrace
  • Yoga shala
  • Patio
  • Free bicycle
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Laundry service
  • Library
  • 27 hectares of woodland
  • UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Teacher Training Courses


Becoming a Yoga Teacher takes much more than a 4-week Yoga TTC. It is about embracing Yoga as a lifestyle, developing compassion, awareness, kindness and integrating them into our daily life.

a Yoga TTC can change your life

Om Shanti conveys such values in a heart-touching Yoga TTC, brought to you by teachers who devoted their lives to this practice.

Certified teachers

The 200-hour course covers all aspects of the Yoga Alliance curriculum plus extra focus on community life and Karma Yoga. Food and accommodation (with different rooms options available) are included.

Value For Money


We believe the packages offered by Om Shanti have a great price for the all-inclusive service provided. Thanks to the ample choice of accommodation (ranging from a “bring your tent” option to a comfortable private room), Om Shanti’s Yoga retreats and TTC can address the vast majority of budgets.

Yoga circle

This might not be the fanciest Yoga resort on Earth but the staff puts lots of attention to details to accommodate the students’ needs and make them feel comfortable. First-class Yoga teaching is guaranteed by the long experience of the teachers.

Our Opinion


The extreme flexibility in the duration of the retreats allows participants to join in the loop at any time and enjoy the different activities proposed. The peaceful location and the all-inclusive service are the strengths of this school.

the renovated country house

Om Shanti is a place where you come back to your heart. You learn that perfection is not a goal to achieve but it’s about dancing with the “imperfections” of life, flowing through ups and downs and, eventually, find a balance surrendering to existence.

It is a beautiful experience that can definitely change they way you see life. We feel like totally recommending this Yoga centre.

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