Samma Karuna Review (2024) – Community lifestyle on a Thai beach

Samma karuna sunset yoga

Overall Score 4.8

Among all the places we have reviewed, Samma Karuna stands as one of the best Yoga schools and Retreat centres. On top of its comprehensive Awakening and Healing Program, it offers a wide array of courses, activities and retreats, as well as professional Teacher Training Courses.

Focusing on Anahata (the heart chakra), the school is also an intentional community, proposing interesting volunteering options. The highlight facilities include its top location (right on the beach), in-site accommodation and a vegetarian restaurant.

Courses & Classes


The flagship activity at Samma Karuna is the Awakening and Healing Program. It is a flexible retreat (6, 11, 22 or the full 28 days) embracing many different spiritual practices for a holistic approach to your self-development.

spirituality can be lots of fun!

The program gives you access to all daily activities, including guided meditations (both silent Vipassana and Osho‘s active meditations), two yoga classes a day, breathwork, Tantra classes, lectures, Qi Gong, Kirtans, Dance Therapy and social meditations specifically designed for Samma Karuna such as Aum, Shower of Love, Awakening Breath, etc.

Yoga with a sea view

On top of that, extra workshops, events and Teacher Training courses are regularly taught at Samma Karuna by experienced facilitators.



Samma Karuna Yoga resort stands on a superb beach of Koh Phangan island, boasting fine white sand and pristine warm waters. The resort has private access to Haad Chao Pao beach and offers 3 Yoga shalas overlooking the ocean (don’t miss the sunset yoga class!).

Discover the stunning beaches of Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is a top destination for Yogis, home to one of the biggest spiritual communities in Asia. The island is also world-known for the psychedelic Full Moon Party and is a popular destination among Scuba Divers for its marine biodiversity.

Thailand's famous beaches

Food & Accommodation


Samma Karuna has an in-site vegan restaurant catering three delicious meals a day, prepared with love by chef Chika with local vegetables and fresh fruit. Food detox options prepared by a nutritionist are offered at the school.

The in-site vegan restaurant

Various accommodation possibilities are available inside the campus, ranging from a shared dorm to standard bungalows and luxury bungalows with a sea-view.

Private or shared bungalows with A/C

All accommodation options have Air Conditioning and are located inside the school, just a few steps from the beach.



  • 3 beach-front Yoga Shalas
  • 1 A/C hall for special events
  • Sauna
  • Bonfire area
  • Beach area
  • SPA
  • Garden area
  • Yoga shop
  • Vegan restaurant/cafe
  • Different accommodation options
  • Air conditioning
  • Minibar
  • Free WiFi
  • Laundry service
  • Yoga mats and props
  • Jumping trampoline (!)
  • Pick-up service

Teacher Training Courses


Awarded as the best Yoga TTC in Thailand, Samma Karuna offers regular Teacher Training Courses for Yoga Teacher, Tantra Teachers, Biodevelopment and Breathwork Facilitators, Reiki Practitioners and much more.

Learning Yoga from the best teachers

The first-class Yoga TTC is affiliated with Yoga Alliance and provides a comprehensive 200-hour program focusing on Hatha yoga and alignment.

Samma Karuna loving community

Similarly, the Tantra TTC complies with the standards of the Tantra Federation and prepares teachers for holding space in Tantra sessions.

Value For Money


Quality has its price! Considering the variety of activities offered and the extraordinary location, we reckon that Samma Karuna provides a great quality/price ratio.

Different options for all budgets

Thanks to the different accommodation options, it is a great choice for both budget travellers (backpacker’s package) and a more attentive public (standard and premium packages).

The superb location is an added value

Our Opinion


We feel like totally recommending this school, as we believe it is one of the best Yoga and Meditation centres in Asia. The different activities offered cover all aspects of your well-being and make you feel whole.

Get a taste of this loving community

Experienced teachers know how to support students and hold space. A plunge into Koh Phangan’s clear waters and a sunset yoga session will wash away all the stress. A loving community will make you feel at home and part of a family.

Celebrate life, live in love

It is not the fanciest resort on earth and, perhaps, nor the cheapest one, but the different accommodation options and packages will suit most budgets. In a few words, it is a high-quality Yoga school in a paradise beach location.

Book a course at Samma Karuna

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