Yoga Union Review (2024) – The taste of authentic Balinese lifestyle

Yoga Union Yoga TTC

Overall Score 4.6

A life-changing experience opening up a new spiritual dimension focused on self-growth. Former architect Ourania and movement trainer Spyros decided to settle down in magical Bali and open a Yoga centre in the middle of rice fields.

A great chance to experience local traditions. YogaUnion offers Teacher Training as a chance to retreat yourself while deepening your Yoga practice, whether you’re planning to teach or not.

Yoga in the Balinese jungle

Ample space is given to community lifestyle and togetherness. Teaching is non-dogmatic and the atmosphere is familiar.

Courses & Classes


This school hinges upon Yoga Teacher Training Courses rather than drop-in classes or other kinds of retreats. A Yoga TTC can be experienced as an intense spiritual retreat (23 days, here).

Embark on a 23-day Yoga Training

You will attend daily Vinyasa classes, meditation and pranayama sessions, an afternoon workshop and extra activities.

The Yoga TTC is intense but rewarding

Being a Teacher Training Course, it won’t be any picnic! But the experience and kindness of the teachers will make you feel supported and at home. Classes are fun and interactive, parting from a more traditional approach.



Located in the yogic mecca of Bali, YogaUnion makes a great setting for relaxation and spiritual quest. The slow rhythms of rice farmers and the Ubudian jungle will help you come back to yourself.

Bali, the island of the Gods, is a top destination for all spiritual seekers, wave catchers and nature explorers. Available tours include biking and hiking in the jungle, sunrise volcano excursion, visits to temples and surfing on the Balinese coral reefs.

yoga in nature

Choose between the authentic experience in the rice fields or the comforts of a full-fledged resort.

Food & Accommodation


YogaUnion has 2 different venues. Full board is provided for 6 days a week (Sunday being a day off) in both venues.

The Rice Fields setting will give you an insight on the authentic Balinese lifestyle. Accommodation is scattered around the rice fields as YogaUnion partners up with local homestays all within walking distance from the Yoga Air Shala.

All rooms and bungalows offer similar standards in line with the typical hospitality culture and attention to details.

pamper your senses in the boutique resort

The Mansion venue is a boutique resort near Ubud with stunning interior design, swimming pools and a lush green park.



  • 3 beach-front Yoga Shalas
  • 1 A/C hall for special events
  • Sauna
  • Bonfire area
  • Beach area
  • SPA
  • Garden area
  • Yoga shop
  • Vegan restaurant/cafe
  • Different accommodation options
  • Air conditioning
  • Minibar
  • Free WiFi
  • Laundry service
  • Yoga mats and props
  • Jumping trampoline (!)
  • Pick-up service

Teacher Training Courses


The 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Training focuses on alignment and breath awareness. In 23 days you will cover the basic Yoga Alliance curriculum plus insights on Ayurveda, nutrition, healing, rejuvenation.

Experienced yoga teachers

Themed workshops will focus on the details of specific asanas. You will start to teach from the first day, which will help you build up your confidence. We believe a few more days would allow the program to be less fast-paced, though the overall quality of the teaching maintains very high throughout the course.

have fun while learning Yoga

Yoga Union also offers a 50-hour Meditation Teacher Training and a 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training, on top of online training.

Value For Money


We think the price of the 23-day Yoga TTC is very competitive, considering that 3 meals a day (except on Sunday) are included.

Get certified in a paradise location

The upgrade price for a private room in the Rice Fields is excellent. Naturally, the private room at the Mansion boutique resort is more expensive but still adequate for the quality of the accommodation.

Non-dogmatic teaching

There is no about the quality of the teaching. Ourania attended a 4-year Hatha Teacher Training in 1996 and she’s been teaching ever since. Spyros is an ACSM certified movement trainer and a 500-hour RYT.

Our Opinion


YogaUnion is an excellent opportunity to become a Yoga teacher in a tropical paradise. The Rice Fields option offers a glimpse of the Balinese lifestyle while the Boutique resort provides a 5-star service.

A Yoga TTC can be life-changing

The school does not offer classes or retreats other than the Yoga TTC, which might turn down some people who look for a milder approach. Spreading the program over more days could make this intense training more relaxing.

Acro Yoga is a great way to connect

Overall, the friendly and interactive classes plus the experience of the teachers deliver a lovely experience which will change your life.

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